Fioritura primaverile


My name is Francesca and I am here to welcome you to this peaceful place.

After a lifetime spent in the city centres of Milan, Turin, Genoa and last-but-not-least, Rome, I find myself in Sanico, a tiny village of less than 200 inhabitants!
How did this happen? The idea began with the desire for a simple country cottage; an idea which needn’t turn my life upside down but just give it a little something extra, just a place to simply escape to every now and then.

After toying with the idea for years, in May 2012, the idea started to become a reality after my children left the nest. I began looking around the Montferrat countryside, home of my maternal grandparents when I walked through the gates…of my new life!
I felt a great sense of excitement and, on an impulse, I decided to take this huge step. Having immediately fallen in love with this place I felt the need live it fully and share it in order to best experience the joy of rediscovering the pace of nature and to savour the different colours and flavours of each and every day spent here.

I renovated this house with the aim of giving it a new life by recovering its soul and history.
I want the people that cross its threshold to feel like they are at home in this beautiful house that I share with my wonderful dogs, Baldo and Bimba.